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Robin Hood!

On the 19th June 2016, from 1pm to 5pm, The Wadsley and Loxley Commoners held an event on the Commons to Celebrate the memory of Wadsley and Loxley's most famous son, Robin Hood! It was a great success and approximately 300 people visited the Common to see what was going on. You can see for yourself if you have a look at our Blog page, but you may have to scroll down to find the photographs.

The World Famous Outlaw, Robin Hood was possibly born in Little Haggas Croft, in Loxley, at the top of what is now known as Rodney Hill. Unfortunately Little Haggas Croft no longer exists, it used to be where the present day Normandale House is situated.

It is said he killed his stepfather 'at plough', becoming an 'Outlaw', and fled to York via Kirklees presumably to avoid the same fate himself in an honour killing. At Kirklees he met Little John, then, after leaving Kirklees, he met with the miller's son who was living at York who was portrayed in the film 'Robin of Sherwood' as Robins adopted brother.

It is possible that Robin was later outlawed for his part in the Peasants Revolt, the cause of the trouble being John Gisbourne who was the corrupt Lord Mayor of York. He was pardoned a few months later by the sheriff, Sir John Saville whose sister was a prioress at Kirklees Priory where Robin Hood's grave is situated. Robin was initially outlawed by Sir Ralph Hastings, who was the Sheriff of York, and his descendants, who are the Earls of Huntingdon, trace their ancestry back to Loxley through the Talbot and Furnival families.

Robin Hood is no fictional character, as this pardon discovered by David Pilling and Rob Lynley in the Public Records Office at Kew proves. It reads "Robert Hode (Hood) otherwise known as Robert Dore of Wadsley given the King's pardon on 22nd May 1382" (Roll of King's Pardons 4-5 Richard II 1382).