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Welcome to the Bioblitz Page

Here you can read information about the Bioblitz on Saturday 4th of May 2019, the biggest wildlife event ever to be seen on the Commons! 

This was our first activity as part of the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership with Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

A Bioblitz is a fun and informal way to learn about wildlife – you can take part in planned walks and activities and be your own nature detective – helping us to identify as many of the birds, plants, bugs and beasties as possible that live on the Commons. 

We wanted to get something onto the web site as soon as possible, so the photos below are what we have at this moment. More pictures will be included as they come in, so keep checking this web page!

Saturday 4th May 2019

The mammal traps we set the night before were checked, and this, below, is what we found, a Bank Vole! After having a good look at the little feller, we released him and he ran off no worse for his experience. The traps we use are humane traps, inside is food, bedding and they are specially constructed to keep the captive animal dry and comfortable. The traps are never left for more than 12 hours before being opened.

Vole image  
Field Vole 1
  Vole image
Field Vole 2
Information table and experts
Bird Walk
A 'pooter', a container for minibeasts

Sweeping the grass for insects
A Ladybird
Red Ants